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16 Apr 2009
- Amazon.com is now selling my CDs, you can find them following
this link.
- It's now possible to buy and download the mp3 of my Cds directly from my web site, see the single page of each Cd.
- A new review of my cds is present in the
review section, thank you to Mr. Carroll for his kind words.
- I'm actually composing new songs for piano for my next solo CD, a couple of songs are yet finished and already played in live concerts (Winter Evening and Tempus Fugit) and other 4 songs are in progress. Thank you to all the people that are supporting me in this project.

- Potete trovare i miei CD anche sul sito Amazon.com, seguite questo link.
- E' ora possibile  acquistare e scaricare le versioni Mp3 dei miei CD direttamente dal mio sito web, accedete alle singole pagine di ogni CD e cliccate sul bottone "Buy Now".
- Una nuova recensione dei miei Cd è presente nella pagina "
review", grazie infinite a Mr. Carroll per le sue parole sui miei lavori.
- Sto componendo nuovi pezzi per pianoforte per il mio prossimo CD solista, due brani sono già finiti e sono stati già suonati in concerto (Winter Evening e Tempus Fugit) e altri 4 sono in lavorazione. Grazie infinite a tutti coloro che mi sostengono e mi supportano in questo progetto.

2 Dec 2008
- The ELP tribute project European Tour was very succesfull, thank you very much to all the ELP music lovers that went to our performance, to all the crew of each venue, very professional and very kind, and to Winfried Voelklein of Win Enterteinement for believing in our project and  to be our Tour Manager. We enjoyed very much each one of the 11 concerts, and we hope to be on the road again very soon.
- A DVD live bootleg is ready for delivery in the
CDs & DVDs section; it's a live bootleg that captured all the music and the energy of the show that we performed in the Colos-Saal in Aschaffenburg the last 12th of November. See here the track list and order it! 
- Soon a new official Live CD of The Watch will be ready for delivery. Recorded during the 2007-08 tour it conteins tracks from the last CD Primitive, with new energy, as well as tracks from the previous CD and a gems from the early Genesis...

- Il tour Europeo del "ELP tribute project" è stato un vero successo, grazie infinite a tutti gli amanti della musica degli ELP che sono intervenuti ai nostri concerti, che ci hanno sostenuto ed incoraggiati, a tutti i tecnici di tutte le venue, veramente professionali e sempre gentili, e a Winfried Voelklein della Win Enterteinement  per aver creduto nel nostro progetto e per essere stato il nostro tour manager.
- Un nuovo DVD live bootleg è pronto per essere spedito a tutti coloro che sono interessati nella sezione
CDs & DVDs: è un DVD che cattura tutta la musica e l'energia del nostro show alla Colos-Saal in Aschaffenburg (Germania) lo scorso 12 novembre. Potete vedere qui la track list e potete ordinarlo subito!
- Presto sarà disponibile anche un CD live ufficiale dei The Watch. Registrato durante il tour 2007-08, contiene brani dall'ultimo CD Primitive, con nuove e più energiche versioni, e brani tratti dai CD precedenti, oltre ad una chicca dei primi Genesis...


13 May 2008
- The ELP tribute become international: in June we will play in London and in November we will have the first European Tour, under the management of the big "Wiv Entertainment", who also manage the European Tours of The Musical Box. This is a really a great opportunity for us. Please visit
www.wiventertainment.de for more information and to buy tickets.
- You can now find my piano CDs on lots of new web sites for digital download; just choose your preferred one :-)
- The SoulenginE project is going on; before the summer all the drums and bass tracks will be recorded. Check
www.myspace.com/soulengineband for more details.

- Il ELP tribute diventa internazionale: a giugno suonerà a Londra, mentre a novembre partirà per il primo tour europeo, organizzato dalla Wiv Entertainment, la stessa che organizza i tour europei dei Musical Box. Questa è davvero una grande opportunità per noi. Visitate il sito www.wiventertainment.de per maggiori informazioni o per comprare i biglietti degli spettacoli.
- Potete ora trovare i miei CD per pianoforte in moltissimi nuovi siti per il download digitale, scegliete solo il vostro preferito :-)
- Il progetto SoulenginE procede molto bene, tutti i brani sono stati definiti e prima dell'estate verranno registrate tutte le tracce di batteria e di basso. Visitate il sito
www.myspace.com/soulengineband per maggiori dettagli.

31 Jan 2008
- First of all the most important news ever:  Anna Sophie was born on the 11th of December; I'm a daddy now!
- A new review of the CD "Secret World" is added in the "review" section, it's a very good review written by Bruno Cassan for the French magazine "Koid9".
- The "progressive rock"  page was updated and modified, and lots of videos added.
- Lot of concert dates are added in the "live" section.

- Prima di tutto la notizia più importante: l'11 di dicembre scorso è nata Anna Sophie, io e Johanna siamo davvero molto felici!
- Una nuova recensione del CD "Secret World" è presente nella sezione "review". Si tratta di una recensione molto positiva scritta da Bruno Cassan per il magazine Francese "Koid9" e tradotta in Italiano da Florasol Accursio.
- La pagina "progressive rock" è stata aggiornata e modificata, e sono stati aggiunti moltissimi filmati.
- La pagina "Live concerts" è stata aggiornata con molte nuove date.

13 Oct 2007
- The CD "Secret World" is now available on CD Baby, on iTunes and on many other digital download sites.
- Two new reviews of the CD "Secret World" are added in the "review" section, one of them is written by Kathy Parson, and then published on the site
solopianopublication as well as on the personal web site of Kathy, who usually publish only the best reviews.

- Il CD "Secret World" è ora disponibile sul sito CD Baby, sul sito iTuens a su molti altri siti per il download digitale.
- Due nuove recensioni del CD "Secret World" sono state aggiunte nella sezione "review", una di queste è stata scritta da Kathy Parson ed è stata pubblicata sul sito
solopianopublication, oltre che sul sito personale di Kathy, che pubblica solo le recensioni che giudica migliori.

4 Sep 2007
- The new album for Piano solo is finally published. You can buy it from my
web site and in digital format from Blast my Music. It will soon also be published on CD Baby and iTunes.
- I published 3 new scores from the new CD "Secret World": Looking for Something, Just a thought and Out of a Dream. You can dowload the scores for free
- A  new review of "The Solitaire Voyager" published on
RockIt by Eleonora Giorgi is present in the reviews section.
- The CD Organ Music Vol. 1 is now available also for digital download from
Blast my Music.
- The CD "The Solitaire Voyager is now available also from the site
Your Indie CD.

- Il nuovo album per pianoforte solo è stato pubblicato. E' possibile acquistarlo dal mio sito internet oppure in forma digitale dal sito Blast my Music. Presto verrà pubblicato su CD Baby e su iTunes.
- 3 nuove partiture tratte dal CD "Secret World" sono presenti nella sezione scores: Looking for Something, Just a thought e Out of a Dream. Potete scaricarle gratuitamente da
- Una nuova recensione del CD "The Solitaire Voyager" è stata pubblicata sul sito
RockIt. La trovate nella sezione rewies.
- Il CD Organ Music Vol. 1 è ora disponibile anche per il download digitale dal sito
Blast my Music.
- Il CD "The Solitaie Voyager" è ora disponibile anche attraverso il sito
Your Indie CD.

9 Jul 2007
- The new album for Piano solo is almost finished: the title will be "Secret World" and it contains 11 songs.
You can listen to the first track on  myspace page (
www.myspace.com/fabiomancini) were you can see also the cover of the CD, with a portrait of me painted by Alzek Misheff (www.alzekmisheff.com) .
The song list is: Looking for Something - Tramonto di Sabbia - Down the Street - Wrong Way - Just a Thought - On the other Side - Out of a Dream - Spectral Night - Rock Toccata - Fantasia Danzante - Secret World.
The CD will be soon available on my web site (
www.fabiomancini.org) as well as on CD baby (www.cdbaby.com) and many other digital distribution sites.

- Il nuovo album per Pianoforte solo è ormai quasi finito: il titolo sarà "Secret World" e conterrà 11 brani. Potete già ascoltare la prima traccia collegandovi alla mia pagina su myspace (www.myspace.com/fabiomancini)  dove potrete anche vedere la copertina del CD, con un ritratto di me stesso fatto dall'artista-pittore Alzek Misheff (www.alzekmisheff.com) .
La lista dei brani è la seguente: Looking for Something - Tramonto di Sabbia - Down the Street - Wrong Way - Just a Thought - On the other Side - Out of a Dream - Spectral Night - Rock Toccata - Fantasia Danzante - Secret World.
Il CD sarà presto disponibile sul mio sito (
www.fabiomancini.org) e su CD baby (www.cdbaby.com) , oltre a moltissimi siti di distribuzione digitale.

25 May 2007
- After less than one month from PRIMITIVE's release date, ProgRock (UK) announced it had sold out and stated that PRIMITIVE is number 1 in their UK charts. With a bit of pride and a lot of happiness we are glad that PRIMITIVE is surprisingly ahead of the new Fear Of A Blank Planet by Porcupine Tree. And we're even happier to see that Ghost and Vacuum are in the top 6 of ProgRock (UK)! Here is the message recently received from ProgRock (UK): "We have a new Number 1 in the progrock.co.uk charts! After nine weeks at the top, the debut CD by The Reasoning called 'Awakening' has finally been replaced! Our new Best Seller is the new CD by Italian band The Watch, called PRIMITIVE. As previously mentioned, this CD is an absolute MUST BUY for early Genesis fans!! This, and the band's previous CD's will sit well next to your copies of Trespass, Nursery Cryme and Foxtrot! Vintage Prog that you will love, and highly recommended!

6 May 2007
- The new album of The Watch "PRIMITIVE" is finally on the market and is going very well. The firsts reviews are very good and the sales too. We are now
rehearsing for the next incoming shows in the north of Europe: it will be a very interesting show with lots of surprises! If you are interested in buying the CD write to me at fabiomusic@gmail.com

2 March 2007
- I created a new section called "review" in which I'll collect the reviews of my CDs. The first review is by Bruno Cassan and will be published on the French magazine "Koid9". You can read this review following this link:
http://www.fabiomancini.altervista.org/reviews.htm . English and the Italian translations soon to come.
- From now on the PIANOWORLDRADIO will play tracks from my CD The Solitaire Voyager, you can find it on the web radio Live365 at the link
http://www.live365.com/stations/phubry . I suggest to all of you the Live365 web radio: it's really a fantastic new way to listen to music in which you are really interested! and it's completely free.
- On you tube you can now find some videos of live performances with The Watch: 
THE WATCH - "Shining Bald Heads" live in Germany
THE WATCH - "...And the Winner Is" live in Germany
THE WATCH - "Goddess" live in Germany
- The first gig and radio live performances with the ELP TRIBUTE PROJECT went very well, we are planning some other gigs and on the 18 of May we will be at the Historic Theater in Varese for a very special concert. It was a really great experience to play this music live with Oscar and Mauro. I hope that this project will soon grow. If some of you want to book a gig for us you will be welcome, please write to me in private for that.

22 February 2007
- The very first live performance of the new progressive project will be a live session on RMF radio in Varese. One hour of music and an interview about the new project, with unplugged versions of songs by ELP! I'll be on air with Mauro Aimetti, guitars and vocals.
- In the last few days I recorded some Spanish music demos for the new organ sampled by Prof. Maier for Hauptwerk 2: the instrument is the 1691/1788 Juan García/Antonio y Tomás Ruiz Martínez Organ, Frechilla/Palencia, Castilla-León, Espania. You can listen to these wonderful ancient Spanish-music pieces following the link
- The project with Ettore Salati is going on; the sessions for the recordings of the first song "Rain Flowers" developed in a new project called SoulenginE. You can find more information about it following the link
http://soulengine.splinder.com . Here you can also listen to the song "Rain Flowers", and it will soon be published by "Horus Music".

13 February 2007
A new progressive rock project will soon be on stage. It's a surprise for all the real progressive rock lovers: a tribute to one of the best bands ever. The very first rehearsals went so well that the show will start very soon. Stay tuned!

10 January 2007
The composition of the songs for my second piano solo CD is going on.
Actually I finished 6 songs and another 4 are in progress.
The titles of the finished songs are:
- Looking for Something (3’20’’)
- Wrong Way (2’14’’)
- Just a Thought (3’50’’)
- Tramonto di Sabbia (5’50’’)
- Out of a Dream (3’40’’)
- On the other Side  (3’30’’) 
Another 2 songs are ready, but I don’t know if they will appear on the CD, the titles are:
- Rock Toccata (piano version) (3’40’’)
- Spectral Night  (3’40’’)
Soon I’ll upload some mp3s with the first recordings of these songs as well as the related scores.

31 December 2006
Finally, after 3 months of work, I finished to arrange and record the keyboard parts for the new incoming CD of "The Watch". The last recording session was between Christmas and the end of the year. The CD will be available at the end of March. More details soon.

23 November 2006
A new wonderful organ by Organ Art Media is now ready for Hauptwerk 2. It's the The 1686/1720 Bosch-Schnitger Organ Grote of Sint Nicolaas Kerk Vollenhove/Overijssel, The Netherlands. As usual I recorded some demos for Prof. Maier. You can listen to them following this link:

2 August 2006
In the month of July I arranged and recorded the keyboard parts for a song of the guitar player Ettore Salati. The keyboards used in this song are the Wurlitzer piano, the Hammond organ, the Mellotron and my recent purchas the Yamaha CS30L analog synthesizer from the ’70s.
The song is called “Rain Flower” and it will appear in the CD “Italian Guitar Masters Sampler” published by ”Horus Music”. The style of the song is somewhere between progressive rock and acid jazz. The others musicians involved in this project are Ettore Salati (Guitars), Nando De Luca (Bass) and James Pacini (Drums).

11 May 2006
A live CD recorded on tour with “The Watch” is now available with songs taken from the 3 CDs of this progressive rock band.
The song list is:
- Shining bold Heads (from the Cd Vacuum)
- Heroes (from the CD “Ghost”)
- Ivory (modified version – from the CD “Twilight)
- DNAlien (modified version – from the CD “Ghost”)
- The Vacuum (from the CD “Vacuum”)
Simone Rossetti: Vocals, Flute, Tambourine
Fabio Mancini: Organ, Piano, Mellotron, Synths
Ettore Salati: Electric and 12 string Guitars, Bass Pedal, Vocals
Marco Sghembri: Bass and Electric Guitar
Roberto Leone: drums
Produced by Simone Stucchi
The recordings are taken from the 2005-06 “Vacuum” European tour.
If you are interested in buying this CD as well as other “The Watch” CDs please contact me at