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Keyboard Schwindler SK

The new exclusive wooden keyboard Schwindler SK, designed and built in our laboratory, and mounted in any console Schwindler, completely revolutionizes the world of keyboards that try to reproduce the organ touch, especially organ with mechanical transmission.

The behavior of this kind of transmission, preferred by the majority of organists, has characteristics rather difficult to imitate: an initial resistance very intense (generally from 120 to 160 g, given by the pressure of the air in the wind chest that holds the ventils) focused in the first 2 mm of the excursion of the key, followed by a strong reduction in counterforce that remains practically constant and less than 60 gr up to the end of the excursion of the key.

In all keyboards dedicated to the digital organ everyone has attempted to reproduce more or less faithfully the phenomenon of initial resistance through the use of various devices, but in no case it is possible to simulate the trend over the pressure point, since in all types available (excluding Schwindler SK) the return of the key is due to a spring extension that causes exactly the opposite effect, ie, during the descent of the key gradually increases the strength, and at the end of the excursion of the key the strength is also superior to the initial one, with a consequent unpleasant feeling of gumminess.

In the following chart you can observe the behavior of the keyboard of a real organ, the mechanical transmission recently built for the Cathedral of Monza by the Swiss organ builder Metzler, comparable with the characteristics of Schwindler SK and some keyboards on the market today: the UHT
Fatar TP6 and Fatar TP60LW.

As can be seen, the one that is closest to reality is undoubtedly the Schwindler SK.

Furthermore the keyboard Schwindler SK is adjustable both with regard to the weight that will determine the general weight of the key pressed beyond the point of pressure, both as regards the initial resistance, independently key by key (reproducing, possibly also any inhomogeneity as naturally occurs), in a simple and quite fast way for anyone to be calibrated. In this way everyone can customize the weight of keyboards to suit the own taste and needs, differentiating the calibration of various manuals or reproducing perfectly also other types of transmission, from the harpsichord to the touch of a console with electric transmission.

The highly competitive price (about half compared to those previously regarded to be the best around) and the absolute superiority of the result, as evidenced by numerous musicians of international renown, make this new keyboard unique and place it at the top of the range.

The keyboard can be made ​​in different styles and with any extension, with a wooden overlay with specific request,  or ivory colored plastic. There are two different forms for the chromatic
key, and different versions for the front and the cut of the diatonic key.

Options for the overlay:

from left to right: Plastic - Bamboo - Wengè - Teak - Mahogany

The action of the keys is the same,  it's possible to have different overlays,
different front for the diatonic keys and different kind of chromatic keys.
Plastic overlay
Bamboo overlay
Mahogany / Maple overlay
Teak / Maple overlay

Wengè / Maple or Doussiè overlay

detail of Wengè and Maple:

Boxwood / Ebony
(additional cost)

I vari tipi di frontalino
45 degree front key 
(in this image plastic)
"scorniciato" front key
in this image Maple on Mahogany)
Simple front key
in this image  Teak)
"chiocciolina" front key
in this image  Doussiè on Wengè)
additionl cost

Le forme per il tasto cromatico
Old Style Chromatic key
in this image Maple on Mahogany)
Modern style Chromatic key
(in this image Maple on Wengè)

Here are some examples of keyboards out by our laboratory:

Copertura standard in wengè con chioccolina,
intagli sui diatonici e cromatici con profilo antico

Copertura a richiesta in bosso ed ebano con chiocciolina,
intagli sui diatonici e cromatici con profilo antico

Copertura a richiesta in bosso ed ebano,
frontalino a 45 gradi e cromatici con profilo moderno

Copertura standard in bamboo,
frontalino semplice e cromatici con profilo moderno

Copertura standard in wengè,
frontalino scorniciato e cromatici con profilo antico

Copertura standard in wengè,
frontalino a 45 gradi e cromatici con profilo moderno

Copertura standard in wengè,
frontalino alto con chiocciolina e cromatici con profilo moderno

Copertura standard in acrilico con intagli sui diatonici,
frontalino con chiocciolina e cromatici con profilo moderno

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