Fabio Mancini  pianist - composer

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CD Secret World

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Secret World

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Fabio's second piano solo album from 2007. Includes the tracks "Looking  for Something" and "Tramonto di Sabbia".

"Full of energy and passion, this is a CD of “big” music that varies from very classical to jazz and progressive rock with a little new age thrown in"

"Your piano playing tells a lot though it does not have lyrics"


CD The Solitaire Voyager

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The Solitaire Voyager

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Fabio's piano solo debut album from 2005. Includes the most appreciated tracks "Someone in Heaven" and "Land of Quiet" as well as the virtuosistic "Twenthyseventh Street".

"Sweet and strong... a very nice combination..."

"It's a train of sensations and emotions that strikes you..."

Fabio Mancini "Secret World" and "The Solitaire Voyager" from amazon.com website
5.0 out of 5 stars Prog lives, April 20, 2008
For those who loved the music of Keith Emerson and have lamented his utter flight from the composing arena, Fabio's two CDs come as welcome relief. That is not to say that Mr. Mancini is a mere Emo clone. While his chops are very much up to snuff, he does not stoop to tossing off licks for cheesy flash effects. His compositions are tightly constructed and range from rocking to sweet romanticism. Keep it coming, Fabio! Hiromi, (and I love you darlin') you've got competition.
By John Carroll "JohnnyJazz" (Riverton, CT)

More CDs

CD Organ Music Vol.1

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Organ Music Vol.1


German Baroque Music for the king of instruments. Includes the famous Bach's "Toccata and fugue in d minor" and other masterpieces. The first Cd realized in the world with the Hauptwerk technology.

"...a very good organist, taking every note with special care and playing the organ, which is basically a very static instrument, absolutely vivid"

"...thanks again for the CD. It arrived last week and I've been listening to since then. Absolutely superb"


CD The Watch Live Official The Watch
LIVE 2008
Official live CD
The official live Cd of the progressive rock band "The Watch". Recorded during the 2008 "Primitive" Tour includes the tracks "Sound of Sirence", "Shining Bald Heads", "The Fisherman", "Goddess", "Riding the Elephant", "Twilight Alehouse/Another Life", "Berlin 1936"



CD The Watch Live Bootleg Live Bootleg


The bootleg live Cd of the progressive rock band "The Watch". Recorded during the 2005 "Vacuum" Tour includes the tracks "Shining Bald Heads", "Heroes", "Goddess", "Ivory", "DNAlien", "The Vacuum", "Doctor Mystère".



DVD ELP Tribute Live Bootleg

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ELP Tribute Project
Live in Aschaffenburg 2008
Bootleg DVD
A live bootleg DVD that shows the powerful performance of this ELP tribute band. Recorded live in Aschaffenburg (Germany) during the 2008/09 European Tour for the celebration of the 35th anniversary of the Emerson Lake and Palmer's "Brain Salad Surgery" recording in 1974. Includes the tracks "Tarkus", "Karn Evil 9", "Knife Edge", "Fanfare for the Common Man" and many others.


iTunes compilations



"Colours of Sound"
iTunes compilation

Compositions for piano by Giovanni Allevi, Fabio Mancini, Leo Di Gennaro, Fabrizio Selli, Alessandra Celletti, Aldo Ciccolini, Sting, Zoltan Kocsis.


iTunes compilation

Compositions for piano by Ludovico Einaudi, Fabio Mancini, Alessandra Celletti, Roma Sinfonietta, Hans Zimmer, Leo Di Gennaro, Fabrizio Selli.

Other CDs with Fabio Mancini

CD The Watch Live Bootleg CD "Primitive" The Watch 
1. Sound of Sirens (8:00)
2. The Border (4:15)
3. Two Paces to the Rear (9:08)
4. When I was a Tree (6:00)
5. Another Life (6:10)
6. Berlin, 1936 (8:55)
7. Soaring On (4:37)
Simone Rossetti / vocals, flute
Fabio Mancini / keyboards
Ettore Salati / guitar
Roberto Leoni / drums
Marco Schembri / bass

CD Fanfare For the Pirates
A tribute to ELP

CD - MMP 343 A/B/C - A 3 Cds set to pay tribute to one of the greatest names in our music. Bands from all over the world play inventive hommage to the genious of EL&P. Packaged with a detailed booklet  with history, photos of some of the bands and listing of group personnel.  Fabio recorded the song Tarkus with the band "Lorien".